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Paul Mercer Jewellery

Hello there,

Thank you for dropping in. 

My name is Paul and I am a jewellery designer and maker based in the North West of England. I work in precious metals  and gemstones to give you beautifully crafted jewellery to own and enjoy. 

This is my home on the world wide interweb but you can also find me @prmjewellery on instagram.

My jewellery is my passion and I will always strive to give you the very best I can.

Every Piece Made By Hand

Quality takes time and effort. Quality not only rewards the maker but also the owner of the object. 

It is not always obvious why something is more desirable or more beautiful or more satisfying to hold. I think it has to be the quality. The quality of how something is constructed. Its thoughtful design or the smooth, tactile surfaces. They all take time to achieve. Years of experience, working with the materials used. The quality of materials used. A keen eye for detail. 

Quality lasts. In many cases, it can last a lifetime, and, passed through the generations, it becomes a symbol of memories, good or momentous. A glimpse into a cherished life once lived or a chameo of happy events.

Every piece of work handcrafted by someone has had the undivided attention of the maker for many hours and in some cases days, weeks or even years to its completion. 

In my own workshop, the construction of a piece can  begin from a molten piece of precious metal which will then be shaped, cooled, cut and manipulated in dozens of separate, detailed processes to finally produce the finished article. A beautiful piece of quality.

Created For You

My Handmade, quality jewellery is made for you, by me, in the North West of England. 

Many of these pieces, such as rings, bracelets and bangles can be made for you in different sizes, so please contact me for your individual needs on each order.

Caring for Your Jewellery


  1. Keep it dry: Getting jewellery wet is always bad. It can lead to cracks, a lack of shine and water stains.
  2. Keep it away from chemicals: This might seem obvious, but you can find harmful chemicals in lotions, perfumes and hairspray. Keep your jewellery away from these products.
  3. Rotate jewellery: Don't wear the same piece every day. Too much use will wear it down sooner. Give your other jewellery some love!
  4. Know when to take it off: Most people know to take their jewellery off before they go to bed, but forget to remove it when swimming, gardening, cleaning and playing sports.
  5.  Put it on last: To avoid chemicals, put your jewellery on last and take it off first.